10 Reasons to Visit the Madrid Farmer’s Market

Spoils from the market

Not familiar with Madrid´s Cámara Agraria? Here´s why you should be.

1) It’s open to everyone

All ages can enjoy it, and there are no entrance fees.

2) You will find products you can’t get in a regular ‘ole supermarket

Infused oils, free-range meats, homemade jams, and fresh-baked empanadas stuffed with octopus? Nope, I can’t find those in my nearest grocery stores.

3) You can talk to the actual growers / producers

Have questions about how your produce was grown? Want some advice on how to prepare today´s purchase? Curious about a variety you’re not familiar with? Well, this is the right place to get answers–and from the actual producers, to boot!

4) It’s only once a month

What are you waiting for? Aprovéchalo!!

5) There is always a central theme

Honey, tortilla, and coffee have been a few of the previously featured products. This spotlight allows you to become a mini-expert on that month’s particular spotlight, such as when there was olive oil tasting at the vendors in the main pavilion. Come at noon to snag a taste of the star product.

Homage to July; a mix of tomatoes, cucumbers, lettuce, and olives

6) Try before you buy

Looking for a new jam or honey? You can try that. Olive oil, burgers, and cheese? Yep, it’s the same try-before-you-buy policy.

7) The wine tasting

For 2 Euros, you get a wine glass (which you keep) as well as tickets to try wine from Madrid’s vineyards. I’ve never known anyone to need more tickets.

8) Support local producers

While some of the farmer’s market vendors also sell their products throughout Madrid, they can be difficult to track down. This is the case with my new fav goat cheese from Quesos La Cabezuela. (You can take a virtual peek at their production here.)  While I’d have to go out of my way to find their cheese in Madrid, I like cutting out the middle man and buying directly from them at the market.

9) Hone your radar for in-season produce

The supermarket makes it all too easy to pick up standby fruits and veggies all year round. At the farmer’s market, however, you’ll be better attuned to when each product is freshest. This also allows for discoveries of novel fruits and vegetables!

10) It’s near the lake

Bonus time: the market just happens to be a hop, skip, and a jump away from Madrid’s Lago del Caso del Campo. What a great excuse to pick up a few extra goodies at the market and have a Saturday afternoon picnic.

Check out the Cámara Agraria’s website to see what the upcoming features will be. May is all about cheese.

Metro: Lago or Puerta de Ángel (directions here)

When: the first Saturday of the month

Time: 10-15:00

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  1. Christine

    Sounds perfect, wish I was there to go.

  2. This is such a cool an unique find just outside central Madrid…I had no idea a farmers market even existed in the capital outside of the traditional non-supermarket markets. Thanks for sharing, although I’m afraid I won’t ever get to visit since it’s only held the first Saturday of the month.

    • Cassandra

      Aw, that’s too bad. You never know, perhaps one of your trips to Madrid will fall around the first weekend of the month!

  3. How did I not know this existed?!? I need to go ASAP!!!!

  4. #7 I’m in!

    • Cassandra

      We’ve collected so many “souvenirs” from this event that now most of our glasses are from the market!

  5. Great concept indeed, both for locals and visitors. 🙂

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