Summer goal: more picnics

We are the proud owners of…a new picnic basket!

Now we have an extra excuse to frolic to Retiro, Templo de Debod, Juan Carlos I, and other Madrid parks to take in the greenery. 

More time for summer sun! More time for reading (and NOT for school)

More time for sketching

More time for whipping up picnic-worthy food / Look-see: We made ceviche and didn’t die!!!


So, here’s to a new picnic basket and plenty more picnics. Here’s to a resolution I foresee no problem keeping

What is your picnic fare of choice? Also, name a nice expanse of green in your neck o’ the woods!

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  1. A+ classic basket. I’m mega jealous!

  2. Not very Spanish, but I always think cornbread makes for good picnic food because it can be served warm or cold
    Also I love your dress! 🙂

  3. Cassandra

    @ Shana – Thank ya! We were searching for a basket for forever!

    @ Kat – Ohh, your reasoning for picnic cornbread is a good one; I bet the same would be true for quiche, muffins, etc!

  4. What a great goal for 2013! Food always tastes so much better outside. I love to make a pasta salad for picnics – if you have a little bottle, add the dressing when you get there, otherwise it can get a little soggy!

  5. Ah, this looks like the perfect way to enjoy the summer!!! : )

    • Cassandra

      😉 Hope you can have some picnics in your neck ‘o the woods, too!

  6. I love Retiro! My last picnic there consisted of salad (I brought everything separate and combined it there) and cheese with balsamic reduction. And (secret) wine of course, gotta keep it classy!

  7. Cassandra

    Yes, here’s to increasing the classiness factor! And–oooh, cheese with balsamic reduction? Sounds divine!

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