38.5 hours in Zaragoza

We knew this weekend was off to a good start whenever our lenient bus driver allowed Christina to haul her over-sized bag onto the main area of the bus. “Vas a llorar?” [“Are you going to cry?”] he jokingly asked her when she was hesitant to toss her laptop  into the darkness of the vehicle’s underbelly. Then, as the bus taxied into take-off, he gave a short speech: Hi, We’re going to Zaragoza, We’re making a pit-stop halfway there, There is a bathroom for emergencies, Don’t eat on the bus. And, most importantly, don’t allow your feet to abandon their shoes. (cue giggles from all across the bus)

My traveling companions, Christina and Elana, and I never let our feet let loose of their boots–they were off and running from the moment they hit the city. It was the first time they had traipsed across Aragonese soil, and these were the highlights they encountered:

The basilica by night

Taking a post-rain paseo

Encountering graffiti

Visiting UNESCO sites known for their Mudejar architecture

Wandering tangled streets in pursuit of…

…unique tapas and pinchos

Strolling around the Sunday market

The basilica by day

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