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Lauren from Spanish Sabores said “Tag you’re it!” and now I’m also taking part in the Hostel Bookers 7 Super Shots meme. I thought that Lauren’s explanations were just as intriguing as the photos, so I’ve tried to follow in her footsteps by giving brief descriptions of each memory. And what memories they are!


A photo that takes my breath away

Innsbruck, Austria

I took this photo three cameras ago as a wee lass of 15. My first trip to Europe infected me with the traveling bug as well as a penchant for taking a million pictures.

A photo that makes me laugh or smile

Fayetteville, Arkansas

I’m usually smiling when friends Cindy and Jacob are around, and the moment captured here is no different. In this scene, Cindy, from France, visits America for the first time. Flabbergasted by the Sam’s Club sizes, she asks to have her picture taken next to a stack of dog food (called, ironically, “Little Bites”).

A photo that makes me dream

Sintra, Portugal

Sintra’s Palacio Pena makes me dream that one day I, too, could construct an outlandish fairy-tale castle in the middle of a forest, on the top of a hill, in a place that gets very cold in winter. Stranger things have happened, right?

A photo that makes me think

Palma de Mallorca, Spain

Morning strolling

When I was at camp last July, quiet moments were rare indeed. I snuck some tranquility into each day by going for a morning walk around campus while the campers were still snoozing. It was a time for reflection, which is why I’ve chosen it for this category.

A photo that makes my mouth water

Bolzano, Italy

A drink that could melt the heart of an iceman

I’m a coffee fiend, and, if one day I manage to count more than a chair among my permanent possessions, I will no doubt invest in an espresso maker. Above you’ve got a caffè macchiato, which is an espresso shot with a dollop of foamy milk.

A photo that tells a story

Tallin, Estonia

Easter traditions

While on a whirlwind tour of Scandinavia last year, my friend Christina and I attended mass and other Easter events in Tallin, Estonia. The day before Easter, locals bought a sweet bread from a vendor on the steps of the Aleksander Nevskij Cathedral. Then, they would bring it inside the church, stick a lighted candle in the bread and have it blessed. The perfumed smoke, hushed voices, and hazy candlelight, paired with the time-honored traditions so unfamiliar to us, made for a novel ambiance.

A photo that I am most proud of (aka my worthy of National Geographic shot)

Orvieto, Italy

If you were to ask me again which photo I’d choose for this category, there’s no doubt I would show you something different. I found it hard to pick one single shot, and finally settled on this one from the walled city of Orvieto for its juxtaposition of natural and unnatural elements.

Now I get to nominate a few friends: I’d love to see the 7 super shots from these superstars:

Janel from contomates

Kat from Tranatlantic Dinner Table

Kristen from onelonelyapricot

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  1. These are all such beautiful pictures and stories! I don’t know how you chose.

  2. Great photos. I really like the Sintra one. So gorgeous.

    Your Wal-Mart photo made me think of this video: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Gzj1OF7d9m4 (Alex and Liam Do Wal-Mart). Hilarious! Mario also likes to go — and I don’t.

  3. Wow, that Sintra shot is amazing! Also, I love the one from Estonia– so cool!

  4. Great shots Cassandra! The one from Innsbruck is great.

  5. Casey!! Ay que ganas me diste de trotar por el mundo de nuevo. I only need to develop the camera skills you done mastered = s because now I have fiery clear memories and disappointingly blurry pictures….Can’t wait to see you again and catch up some more!

  6. Cassandra

    @Alison – Thanks! I dedicated more time than I’m willing to admit to picking out my favorites, but I enjoyed the chance to comb back through my albums.

    @Kaley – Just got done watching Alex and Liam explore Wal-Mart and seriously lol’d at the part where they ask why tea comes in a petrol can. JA!

    @Lauren – Thank you! And thanks for tagging me 🙂

    @Matt – Eskerrik asco! That photo has special significance to me.

    @Jacob – Never fear, your wandering days are far from over. What’s next on your horizon? I’m headed to Leon this weekend and will be thinking of you and our trip there last Easter. Cuidate!

  7. Great shots! Especially the Sintra one and the one in Orvieto, Italy. You’ve got a great eye!

  8. Cassandra

    Thanks, Shawn, I appreciate it!

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