8 years ago…

2004, before I turned 16 and got my first cell phone

…I visited Europe for the first time. And that first, magical landing? London, of course!

I was in the city for barely three days, but this spring´s Semana Santa (Holy Week) has given me the chance to delve deeper into the massive pool of London offerings. This time I´m navigating the Underground (and  Aboveground) with my Spanish pal, Ruth, and her gang of friends. I´m still traveling at the moment, but expect updates–from a £12,995 foozball set to iconic London landmarks–soon.

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  1. I believe your Christmas ornament for that year was a London phone booth commemorating your inaugural trip to Europe! Cute post!

  2. Cassandra

    Yes, you´re correct. And you´ve just given me an idea…!

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