Abbiamo una prenotazione (We have a reservation)

Given to the last-minute nature of our trip, we spent more than a few frazzled hours searching for appropriate accommodation. I wanted to tear my hair out after seeing website after website that listed either 2-person or 4-person rooms.

S0, Italy, 3-people groups don’t exist? In the end, we didn’t do so badly for ourselves; indeed, we ended up in some places with real personality. Here’s a peak at the places we stayed:

Stripes and sunflowers and a welcome bag in Milan

I got my own room in Tirano!…Or, should I say, mom and dad got their own room.

A mountain-top view in Tirano

Attic-style slanting in Chur

Massive, elegant hotel room in Turin

Did I mention how classy this last room was? The sky-high, painted ceiling warrants another look.

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  1. I would like to live in that room in Turin! It’s so beautiful.

    The attic-style ceiling reminds me of the hostel in Bressanone! That was one of my favorite hostels.

    And that mountain view photo with your parents in the window is wonderful!

    I miss Italy so much! I’m glad you got a chance to return and I enjoyed seeing your photos. I can’t wait until it’s my turn! 🙂

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