Alcalá Night Shots

Although I go to Alcalá de Henares every so often for class, the monuments and plazas have yet to intersect–they still form a crinkled, unreliable map in my mind. The truth: the train station is my starting point, the university the end. In between the two, a few scenes play out; below is a typical trek to the station on a Saturday night:

Nightlife in Plaza Palacio

Calle Mayor, bustling at 8:30 on a Saturday night

A statue to Catherine of Aragon in front of the Archbishop’s Palace

Broken bumps in Plaza Palacio

Balconies and street lamps illuminate the streets

Restaurants and bars channel olde time-y spirit

Religious guardians watch over the Calle Mayor

Paseo time in Plaza de Cervantes

Tributes to Miguel de Cervantes

The gardens in Plaza Cervantes

Teens meeting up in Plaza San Diego

Adiós, Alcalá 

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  1. nice photos!
    Do you teach in Alcala but live in Madrid? Seems like a bit of a trek, no?!

    • Cassandra


      And–no way would I want to make that trek everyday!! I work and live in Madrid and only have to attend on-campus class in Alcala every other month. (whew!)

  2. What a beautiful city! Spain has so many of these little treasures 🙂

  3. Beautiful photos! And totally making me miss Spain!!

  4. Cassandra

    Thanks guys! I´ll be posting more shots of Alcalá this spring as I finish my degree.

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