Pencil me in

The dorm as seen from across campus.

My schedule takes roughly this shape:

8:00   Wake up. If I’m lucky, wake up before the music shakes the bed.

8:30-9:00   Breakfast with the English teachers.

9:00-10:00 Edit photos from previous day, coordinate with teachers to see when I can visit their classes.

10:00-2:00 Visit classes and record video, take pictures, scan samples of student work, etc. There’s usually downtime while I wait for teachers to start a game or finish a test; I understand that they can’t plan to start a game on the hour or at exactly 11:55.

2:00-3:00  Lunch with teachers, students, or camp counselors

3:00-3:30  Upload photos and start editing

4:00-8:30  Students have sports activities. Either I take photos or I work on the blog. If I get a great deal done and can take some time off, I have gone on errands with staffers or to the beach with the kids when they go at 6.

9:00-10:00 Dinner

10:00—11:30 Hopefully by this time I’m done blogging so I can attend the night event for the students or go to the sports bar across campus with the teachers. Another popular activity for the teachers is to make what is affectionately known as a “Repsol run.” We have never been so excited to visit a gas station before, but after working with the kids all day and the end of the metro making Palma a distant destination, we gratefully jaunt across the road. The kids are still up and bumping to the sounds of the courtyard disco, so it’s also fun to pop my head out of the window to see what they are up to.

Rules posted in the hallway: CRY, if it’s from happiness


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    new schedule?

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