Almodóvar Castle: My spider is better than your spider

“Sir Pedro I, the Cruel, was very covetous. He try to collected a great quantity of treasures and jewels as he could, the one he kept in places he though very safety. One of that places was in a murkuy dungeon from the Andalusia’s Castle in Almodóvar del Río. …he ordered to hang a long chain from the ceiling, the one who assured the trapdoor witch communicated the dungeon with the treasurers. Two watchmen wardered faithfully the entrance from the tower where the cell was.

But his miserliness doesn’t let him still, and for his assurance he brought from the North of Africa a fantastic and giant black spider, the one he put on the chain and so, if somebody, except himself, intended to came in, would be attackted and killed by that enormous animal.”

– informational plaque, translated to English, in the Castillo de Almodóvar

With this friendly bit of information, we began our tour of the Castillo de Almodóvar, a castle high above the tourist thoroughfare of Córdoba’s city center.

What happened to knights with vertigo?

There were more than five different towers to climb and explore

This part of the building actually had a raised image of the flag of Castilla y León, as it had once been conquered by that northern kingdom

Lidia, Jose, Cindy, and Antonio

I capture the castle

As a castle worker chased us down to tell us it was closing time, I spied two giant keys in her hand. “Are those the keys that lock to castle? Really?! Do you mind if I take a picture with them?”

Looking out at the town of Almodóvar del Río

Whew! No sightings of the spider. There were no jewels, either, but the castle was a gem of a building.

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  1. “I capture the castle” – Have you read the novel? 🙂

    • Cassandra

      Yes! I can’t help but be partial to a book when the protagonist’s name is Cassandra.

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