In Spanish, the word for ups-and-downs is compact and sans hyphen: altibajos. I like how the word slips off my tongue, alto (high) becoming bajo (low) before my brain registers the change.

Altibajos perfectly describes my last few days. With all of the insanity of moving my suitcase to a piso in Malasaña (I took two trips in the metro which my arms remember quite well), finally opening a bank account, staying up ’til 6:30 for La noche en blanco on Saturday, roaming the city, and keeping up with communication, I’ve been quite busy. Also, I must admit that I’m a bit sick at the moment, which makes it difficult to want to formulate coherent sentences.

I’m pretty sure this dragginess has come from a combination of late nights and smoke. Perhaps it is because I am in a large city, but to me it seems as if copious amounts of people smoke. At the very least, smoking is more accepted here than in Arkansas. People smoke in bars, in many restaurants; by non-smoking signs…do you get the drift? Well, I certainly do, especially in my little room. Apparently one of my neighbors is a chain-smoker, especially during the afternoon. Even with the window closed, a fog settles around my things. Hopefully things will get better, but if not, I will move. For now, however, the thought of searching for another place—and moving all my things there—along with starting a new job, it just too much to process. Also, it’s a quarter to one a.m. I’m headed to bed. Here are some photos for you Spanish night owls and anyone who is still awake across the ocean.

The entrance at one of the pisos I visited.

This one was a street off of the Gran Via.

My room!

A street close to my house

Another street view near my piso.

To the right is the Mercado Fuencarral, and the MTV sign hides a Starbucks

More mannequins, (semi-)clothed this time

Tonight I had tapas with Ananta;

We ordered calamares, ensaladilla rusa, and fried chorizo.

(Bread comes with nearly everything)

This gives new meaning to mini-bar.

Here, Ananta stands outside of a bar called the “Short-Bus”

There is a designer shoe expo  close to my house, on Calle Fuencarral

My first attempt at tortilla española? A flop.

Second attempt = getting better

There are almost always a lot of people out at night.

This picture, taken near my apartment, was snapped at 1:30 a.m.

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  1. Purexplorer

    Interesting undies. I’m glad your making interesting discoveries. William Fulbright would be pleased, I’m sure.

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