April showers bring yarn flowers

To say that Toulouse has a lot of parks in an understatement; one source claims there are more than there are 160 0f ’em! (Don’t worry, I didn’t shot pictures in anywhere near that many.) These last photos of Toulouse showcase another park, also with a twist. First, the classy photos:

The surprise in this park? Patches of the green space had been swathed in yarn, aka yarnbombed for all my WIP-toting, craft-savvy comrades. After the first views (see above), it was nothing this traveler was expecting. However, this trip was nothing like I’d anticipated, why was I so surprised? I kept my camera out and kept on snapping.


I’m curious to hear what pals Ely and Matt thought of the city, as they had a brief stint there a few days after I left.

My Final Thoughts on Toulouse, or Words That Will Spring to Mind Post-Trip: #pink #rainy, #“You die!” #yarnbombed

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  1. That is so cool! We were only there a few hours, and in the airport getting our car, so we didn’t really see anything…seeing your pics makes me wish we had at least gone for a stroll in the park!

  2. Cassandra

    Ahh, I didn’t realize that. In any case, I’m sure that photos of your French road trip will end in parallel trip-envy !

  3. Alison

    You have so many good blog entries to catch up on! I know your trip didn’t really turn out as well as you hoped, but the pictures of the flowers and the parks look great. Or maybe it’s just because I love flowers so much!

    • Cassandra

      Thank you! Yes, it is a bit funny how I ended up with so many photos even though there were times I didn’t really want to document anything. But I’m glad I did!

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