April showers

April, le sigh, has been a month for staying indoors. It´s been a time of using the laundry rack instead of the line, opting for the quick route home instead of the scenic, and never leaving home without the trusty travel umbrella. Visits from friends, however, have made those cozy indoor hours pass rather quickly. We had visits from three friends this month–first Drue and Pablo, then Christina. While I don´t have photographic evidence of the former, here are some shots of the latter:

Christina in Madrid

Eggs and octupus @ Gabinoteca

Bright lights inside–raining outside

Group shot at Baco y Beto

Romantic, eh?

Even more romantic!

Inside a one of Madrid´s “secret” gardens

One more shot from El Jardín Secreto

Goodbye April, Goodbye waterworks!

Things have been very busy here; please excuse the month-in-a-nutsell photo post. Hopefully I´ll have time to update more frequently after May hectiness calms down.

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  1. Ugh, agreed. My May is insaaaaane!

    • Cassandra

      So insane! I have four classes left for my TEFL practice teaching on top of my 25-hour/week insti responsibilities. Plus the thesis is due…eeek!!

  2. Christina

    I appreciate the photo evidence of my wonderful trip. Gracias por ser una anfitriona increíble! Os echo menos

  3. Cassandra

    De nada, Christina! Que vuelvas a visitar pronto 😉

  4. Looks like you have a lot of awesome indoor options, though!
    I’m still waiting for the weather to improve so I can really explore NYC. I was lucky and made it indoors right before the thundershowers began today.

    • Cassandra

      Rain can definitely put a damper on travel plans, even with the desire to go outside and explore! You’re right though, we had a lot of great indoor options at our fingertips. Wishing you the same in New York City!!

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