August in Madrid

August in Madrid is….

having time to be a tourist

rowing boats in Retiro

new views of familiar places

sneaking into the photo albums of a million strangers

street festival sights and sounds

café on the terraza

looking for a new piso (Plaza Mayor, anyone?)

Re: August in Madrid:

to-see lists with checkmarks

no AC

no rain

no lines at the bank


picnics at the park

afternoons that stretch into the 100°s

nights with tinto de verano, claras, and cañas

signs hung with: estamos de vacaciones hasta Septiembre

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  1. August in Madrid means I tried to go eat at Pez Gordo and it was closed. 🙁 Next time.

  2. Cassandra

    Que mala suerte! When I popped by on the 17th it was open.

    The good side? You have yet another reason to revisit Madrid!

  3. I’m kind of glad not to experience August in Madrid, to be honest! Too hot, but it seems relaxing! I hope you got a chance to do so.

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