Bruges Photo Scavenger Hunt

Should we our shouldn’t we go to Bruges? When I posed this question to Annie of MontgomeryFest, her answer was quick and candid: “It’s touristy, but worth it.” The next day we bought the tickets and within an hour were partaking in an impromptu Bruges photo scavenger hunt with our fellow day-trippers.

Bruges is a town in which postcard-worthy shots abound at the slightest turn. It’s futile to pack up the camera; you’ll simply end up fishing it out at the next adorable street. Plus, everyone else is also playing the tourist card. Just like its touristy-happy cousins (Pisa, Toledo, and Versailles are of the same ilk) there is no escaping group tours, cranky kids, and DSLR-toting documentarians. And though you don’t want to admit you have much in common with the hordes, Bruges is about to charm the pants–er, lens cap–right off of everyone. Just give in to the tourist tide and go on this recommended Bruges photo scavenger hunt!

Bruges photo scavenger hunt

Cute house shots get 10 points

Bruges photo scavenger hunt

10 points for your best canal pic

Subsequent canal pics are 5 points a pop (don’t worry, you’ll still wrack up plenty of points)

 Bruges photo scavenger hunt

8 points for horse-drawn carriages

Bruges photo scavenger hunt

5 points are awarded for the candy-colored town square

Bruges photo scavenger hunt

12 points if you can manage canal shots with no other tourists in the background

Bruges photo scavenger hunt

Ohh, another 12 points!

Bruges photo scavenger hunt

10 points if you capture the Belgian flag

Bruges photo scavenger hunt

5 points for boat shots

15 points if you ask (in a foreign language!) if a stranger will take your picture

Bruges photo scavenger hunt

6 points for a corner detail

Bruges beer

8 points for trying Brugse Zot, the local beer

Bruges photo scavenger hunt

15 points if you can still remember this building’s name once back home (hrm, I failed)

Bruges photo scavenger hunt

10 points for shots with feathered friends


How did you fare in the Bruges photo scavenger hunt? Which shot was your favorite?

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  1. Oh my goodness, Bruges looks darling. I want to go photo-crazy there!!

  2. I’m so glad you went! and I’m confident this is the funnest way to experience Bruges 😉

    • Cassandra

      Thanks! Glad you encouraged us to go, it was definitely worth it.

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