Night Shots: Brussels Grand-Place

If you wander down the streets in central Brussels’ and find stores selling Manneken Pis corkscrews, beer, and all things fried, you are getting warmer; Brussels Grand-Place is just a waffle away. This main square is not only the core of the city’s tourist-dom but also a recognized UNESCO World Heritage Site. The area is small compared to other sprawling European squares, but what it lacks in width it makes up for in height and history.

In its current form, the opulent square dates back to the 1600s. Back then, it served as a market place; today, vendors run a swift business hawking keychains, chocolates, and frittes. Andres and I first wandered the plaza during the mid-afternoon visitor crush, and decided to leave the tangled melee with a promise to visit again at night. It was a swell plan; after dark, the amount of revelers drops dramatically. We were able to move about freely, snapping these shots in the process:

Brussels Grand-Place

Brussels Grand-Place

Brussels Grand-Place

Brussels Grand-Place

Brussels Grand-Place

Brussels Grand-Place

Brussels at night

The boxy square, nearly enclosed by buildings stretching upward, became less claustrophobic and more inviting with fewer crowds. There were local teens sprawled on the cobblestones, elegantly-coiffed diners chatting at the open-air restaurants, and plain old tourists like us. I couldn’t help but like the Grand-Place more after dark.

Do you like revisiting touristy day spots after the sun sets? What´s your favorite city to wander at night?

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  1. isn’t it the grandest?! i mean, its touristy, but for good reason! everyone must see this thing. glad you two got to sneak in at a quieter time to marvel.

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