How had I missed the Palacio de Cibeles until late 2011?!

In March 2011, the Palacio de Cibeles opened its doors to the public after a century of privacy. The building, whose towers soak up the spotlight whenever the Vuelta a España rolls through town or whenever Real Madrid fans take a dip in Cibeles fountain, is equally as impressive inside as out.

The art exhibits within the palace’s walls are always rotating–when I was there I saw photography on the building’s renovation. No matter what temporary exhibit is on display, CentroCentro is my latest Madrid recommendation for its wowing interior and sweeping view of Gran Vía.

A street-view of the palace

The grand foyer

Cozy reading spaces

The staircase reminds visitors that this was once a palace

The reading room puts local art news at your fingertips

Easel displays

In this room the photos were laid flat, forcing the visitor to look down at the art

Can you tell I was drawn to the reading room?

Images of palace restoration were suspended from the ceiling

You can visit the Palacio from 10:00-20:00 every day except Monday. The elevator hours are slightly different; it’s recommendable to get a ticket from the second floor before ascending to ensure that you will get to take in the fresh air above Cibeles. Oh and have I mentioned that it’s free to frolic inside?

The view from the top

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  1. Wow, super pretty! It wasn’t open to the public when I was studying in Madrid 2 years ago, but on my most recent trip there, I went inside and saw the digital art exhibit they were having. The security guards intimidated me from wandering through the rest of the building, but, next time I’m back in Madrid, I’ll definitely have to explore it further.

  2. Cassandra

    Yes, you really have to catch the elevator and take in the views!

  3. Sooo pretty. I love how they married the old with the new in places like the lobby and reading room.

  4. Beautiful pictures, I especially like the bird’s eye view of the reading room – great composition. And finally something new to visit in Madrid, thanks for the share!

  5. Cassandra

    Thanks for the photo compliment! You’ll have to check out the reading room yourself on your next visit.

  6. What a great find!! Thanks for sharing…my list of sites to see on a return visit keeps growing…

  7. Cassandra

    Kara, hi! Yes, please add it to the list, I think you would enjoy it. Hopefully you’ll get the chance to visit again soon.

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