Ciudad Amurallada / Chica Atropeada (Ávila)

First things first–some photos from my latest day trip from Madrid:

Santa Teresa is Ávila’s most illustrious saint. I wasn’t allowed to take a picture of the piece of her finger that remains, but I can share a pic of this statue of her.

Elana and I with Ávila’s walls rolling in the distance

A pensive spot

I also tried pig’s ear, but this was the tastier (and prettier) part of the meal–trout!

Wandering off the beaten path

And now, click hear to find out why I gasped:

At the end of the day, it was not Santa Teresa’s finger-fragment nor trying pig’s ear that was the most momentous moment of the day. That trophy belongs to the moment I was crouched down to capture this shot:

Lions and tigers and monsters, oh my

Because, dear readers, as I was adjusting the lens, I felt something pressing on my back. In one quick movement I was up and spinning around. There was a car backing up into me.

I was so startled I let out a significant gasp. Both Elana and Noel turned around, saw me, and had the same reaction. The car continued backing up (was this even a parking lot?? I think not). Finally, after taking his sweet time parking, the driver rolled out of his car and approached me. Was I okay?

While significantly shook up, I wasn’t hurt. The car had been going slow enough that no damage had been done. An apology wouldn’t have hurt, either.

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  1. Casey Gambill: run over while taking pictures. Would have been a fitting death at least, I guess?

  2. Cassandra

    I can see the headstone now.

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