Countdown / a trip from the ‘rents!

“ONE! (ahahah), TWO! (ahahah) days until we go see Casey!”

 A few days ago, my mom published a photo of this little guy with this caption on facebook. And, now they’re here! On their third trip to Spain, the ‘rents are used to a lot of Spanish-specific things that once struck them as odd on their first trip. They fell right into the swing of things, even having dinner around 10 p.m. their first night here! (The jet lag and late arrival may have had something to do with that.)

During the two day’s they’ve been here so far, we’ve retraced our steps to some old favs as well as sought out new adventures.

Breakfast at La Mallorquina–a Madrid tradition

Coffee time for the count

Ascending up-up-up in the cable car over Casa del Campo

Cheesy cable car narration is balanced out by sweeping views

The old train station, Principe Pio, from above

After the cable car, we walked to the lake in Casa del Campo

A lakeside pause

The count discovers Spanish wine

Dinner at Los 2 Fogones was a hit–nice decorations, fine fare, and no other tourists in sight!

Oh, wait, here are a few more, celebrating the end of their Master’s programs!

The count also likes huevos rotos (potatoes, ham, and a fried egg)

Mama mia, look at the milhojas de bacaloa! (Cod and citrus mille-feuille)

Annnnd there was chocolate, of course

The count after a long day was representative of how we all felt after being jet-lagged/tired! Check back later to see our trip to Toledo…

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  1. Alison

    It looks like you and your parents are having a great time. I especially like the pictures with the count! I can’t wait to see your pictures from Paris.

  2. Cassandra

    Thanks! You will certainly see more photos of the count as I work through all the photos I took in Madrid and Paris!

  3. looks like fun!! and some great tips on what to do in Madrid 🙂
    Bet the Count enjoyed the Spanish wine and chocolate.

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