After Varenna, we arrived at a town near the Swiss border: Tirano!* While tourists roll in midday, we had the city to ourselves in the morning.

Wandering around led us to some interesting places, such as this courtyard with entryway art.

Heading out of town, the hillsides were studded with sprouting produce.

While it was quite chilly at night, the temperature was the opposite during the day.

The bridge that connects the heart of the old city with the new part of town.

A restored palace beckoned us in with only a plaque

A successful grocery store adventure fills our bag with Nutella, pasta, and other Italian delights. It also sparks conversation with the deli man.

A picnic lunch including Estate (iced tead), bresaola (a type of dried beef), and formaggi (cheese).

*Not to be confused with Torino, which is a MUCH larger city.