Day One: Jet Lagged in Madrid

Since the ‘rents arrived on an early-morning flight, we had a full Friday ahead of us. After dropping their bags at my apartment, we headed straight back to the metro to check out:

my school!

Note the absence of lockers–they are inside the classrooms.

The sunny art room, the envy of all.

This is the view of the garden as seen from the art room

(Yes, there is a garden).

It looks like a garden inside, as well; potted plants spill out into the hallways.

The walls don’t want for color, either.

After school we sat outside on a terraza to enjoy a first-day meal of huevos rotos and tostas con bonito. Other plans for the day? Viewing Picasso’s Guernica at the Reina Sofia, seeing the few lingering indignados in Sol, and dining at a Galician restaurant. Whew!

Lets give these brave folks a hand (or eight) for trying octopus!

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  1. oh I didn’t know you visited Guernica again! Good exhibit

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