Look ma, no hands!

While in León, we girls also caught a bus to Astorga, a small town with a few noteworthy sights. Most notable of all was the Episcolpal Palace, better known as the Palacio de Gaudí. The famous architect originally built it not only as a worship space but also a living one; however, it was found to be too cold to live in all year long. You can see us jumping for joy at enjoying this space on a warm day.

Another main attraction was the Museo de Chocolate. Even if you arrive and find the museum closed, you´ll surely leave with pockets sagging with sweets; every other business was a fabrica of chocolate, puff pastry, or both.

Spoils from our visit to the Chocolate Museum

Next stop: the impressive cathedral. We arrived to bursting noisemakers and spiraling confetti, realizing that we´d stumbled upon a Saturday wedding.

A couple of confetti lovers

Main façade

The city is home to the Maragato, a people who may or may not have descended from Berbers in Africa. They have a traditional dress, which you can see if squint up at the characters in the city´s clocktower:

Later we paused to soak up the sun in the main square. The plaza was dotted with pilgrims and local families liesurely lazing through lunch.

It was 3 p.m. when we joined them.

This sleepy afternoon gave us the opportunity to try cecina, a cured meat with a strong flavorWe also had a dish with leeks and later, coffee.

Our last challenge was just as our first–to make it beyond the city walls. Crickey! From this view we wound our way down to the bus station and headed back to León.