As we were traveling during Semana Santa, it was fitting that Christina and I spent quality time in holy spaces during the last few days of our trip.  On Easter Sunday, we attended mass at a church that doesn’t appear on Tallinn postcards. The mass was in Estonian, and, while we didn’t understand many of the specific words (I did catch something akin to “Jesu”), the sentiment was fully present. The church was packed, and when we arrived there was only standing room only. This service was different to us in that the congregation had to kneel several times.

We attended mass behind this gate

After loving the style and feel of the Russian Orthodox church in Helsinki, we were able to soak up even more time a similar church in Tallinn.

I don’t think I’m in (Ar)Kansas anymore…

The beautifully ornate Aleksander Nevskij Cathedral

Many locals bought a sweet bread from a vendor on the church steps. Then, they would stick a lighted candle in the bread and have it blessed.

Most of the visitors lit tall, narrow candles

These two women were scrubbing the floor with an instrument I had never seen