Hello class, and happy 2015!

I’m afraid that I can’t share everything about my holidays—some teachers haven’t learned yet that private life isn’t appropriate  for classroom discussion—but I will share the highlights. As we read, I want you to fill in the blanks with the correct word. Then we will correct the activity as a class.

Guess where?!

First things first: at the beginning of the holidays a plumber came to our house to repair the ___________! Yes, our bathroom wall now has a large hole in it. It was a huge pain in the ___________, because our landlady told us that she didn’t give her permission for the plumber to repair it. Our neighbor had a leak from our bathroom, though, and boy was she ___________! Luckily, everything was resolved in the end.

Next, my boyfriend and I had a lovely ___________ dinner and exchanged gifts on December 20th. We don’t usually celebrate Christmas so early, but this year it was the best time to squeeze it in between those ___________ plumbers and an upcoming trip.

The Duomo decked out for Christmas

Florence, Italy was our ___________.  The city was as gorgeous as ever. I had been to the Florence during the summer, but it was a new experience to see it during the ___________. There were holiday lights, a huge Christmas tree, and elaborate window displays.  It was so festive that Andres and I were instantly charmed.

Visiting the Ponte Vecchio at night

As we wandered around the streets, we wondered just how many tourists come in high season (it was technically ___________ season). Madrid seems to shut down on December 24th and 25th, but in Florence many museums and___________attractions were still open.

There wasn’t any problem finding ___________ to eat in, either.  An Italian friend took us to get some rockin’ aperitivo (buffet-type arrangement), where we tried lots of local specialties from ___________. On Christmas Day we enjoyed fresh pasta—that’s one tradition I don’t mind keeping.

Christmas Eve was the most memorable day yet. We started the morning with coffee and pastries at a cute café. After that, the main plan for the day was to visit the Uffizi gallery. We were there for ___________ hours! Afterwards we had lunch at Mercato Central, at which point we dreamed about more trips to ___________.

Hitting the tourist trail

Later in the day we met up with our friend for a quick aperitivi. For dinner, though, it was just the two of us. We shared a carafe of red ___________ and ordered pizza. The light came from a lone candle, and it was very romantic.

Then, we walked to one of the famous bridges that connect two sides of the city. And there, with the stars twinkling and the water rippling, Andres squeezed my hands and started saying some very sweet words. I only heard the first ___________, because suddenly there was a heavy pressure in my ears and I started crying. I didn’t need to hear everything, though, because I knew he was asking me to ___________ him!

We’re getting married! Let’s toast to that.

And that, boys and girls, is why this winter has genuinely been my best ever.