Gaudí Sightings (the Parc Güell post)

A touristy–but well worth it–photo op in Parc Güell

Any trip to Barcelona would be incomplete without a Gaudí sighting or two. On my first trip to Barcelona, the ‘rents and I climbed the Sagrada Familia cathedral, which was a great introduction to Gaudí’s work. I was eager to discover more. Luckily, before I succumbed to an unforgiving cold on a Barcelona trip last weekend,  Andres and I managed to squeeze in a few more Gaudí sites. The most impressive had to be Parc Güell, which was perched on a hill like a whimsical tiled cake topper.


Barely 30 minutes after opening, the park is already filling up

Magnificent ceiling art

Back to the stone age

THE Parc Güell photo

Roaming around the park yields varied views of the city

Since it was earlly May, flowers were in full bloom

I told a co-teacher that I had been to “Parc Güell” and she didn’t know what I was talking about. After a translating “Parc” to “Parque,” her eyes lit up and she exclaimed “Claro! Parque Güell!”

One last flower shot

Odd one out–Casa Batllò

Finally, we strolled the Passeig de Gràcia one evening to check out the two Gaudí houses of La Pedrera and Casa Batllò (pictured above). We didn’t actually go in, as the tour prices were €16.50 and €20.35, respectively. However, in looking up info online for this post, I realize that we should have gone into at least one of them; photos of the interior were stunning. The answer here? We’ll simply have to take another trip to Barcelona.

For more on Gaudí, check out Hola Yessica’s dual posts:

The Insider’s Guide to Gaudí

 The Insider’s Guide to Gaudí Part 2.

If only I’d read her great tips, such as taking the metro to Vallcarca so as not to face the uphill climb to Parc Güell!

Have you been to Barcelona? Have you ever had a Gaudí sighting?

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  1. The pictures you put on this post are gorgeous, and I love the shallow depth of field on the Park Güell portraits of you two. Describing the park as a “cake topper” is perfect! Gaudí places are touristy but they are nevertheless worth visiting. You totally should have gone to Casa Batlló—it was lovely and beautiful and unlike any place I’d been to before. I think they had a student/Carné Joven discount, too. But you’re right—they’re expensive!

    When I was in Barcelona in mid-February for a Sigur Rós concert, touring Gaudí buildings was basically all I did hahaha. I ended up writing a long post about all seven places you can see his architecture in and around the city, including little-heard-of places like Colònia Güell and Casa Vicens.

  2. Cassandra

    Hi Trevor, thanks for the comment and for leaving a link to your own Gaudí post! My interest was piqued when I read about Colònia Güell church–I’d love to visit. Your entry (re)confirmed how I need to get back and observe Casa Batlló from the inside out! Ah, next time, Barcelona 😉

  3. Aaah Barcelona. Next time I go to Spain, I will be hitting up this city agian. 😀

  4. Cassandra

    For sure! Any idea when that will be, Amelie?

  5. Awesome post! I love all your colorful pictures. Let me know when you’re back in Barcelona? 🙂

    La Pedrera and Casa Batllò are both amazing inside, but they are SO expensive. It took me a long time to bite the bullet and go inside. Unless you’re a big Gaudí fan, I’m not sure they’re worth the steep entry fee.

  6. I’m really impressed that you were able to get some pics without anyone else being in them! It was so crowded when we were there that it was impossible to take a macro of a single flower without other people showing up in the photo! Definitely still worth going to, though! 🙂

    • Cassandra

      It did take some coordinating to maneuver shots that didn’t have any strangers in them! Since we were there fairly early, though, most of the crowds were concentrated around the main section and not spread out in the more natural parts of the park 🙂

  7. The single iris shot is beautiful, love the bright colorful tilework, and the stone walkway looks like he must have been hallucinating when he designed that! It sounds like you haven’t overdosed on Gaudí by any means! Love Mot 😉

  8. Cassandra

    Thanks! The flowers and the tiles were striking, indeed–I think you would have liked them 🙂

  9. Alison

    I hate to join the bandwagon, but your flower pictures are so pretty! I saw them a couple of days ago, but I just had to come back to see them again and comment on them.

  10. Cassandra

    Thanks, Alison! The flowers were in full bloom. Where is our spring in Madrid?!

  11. Mejor tarde que nunca! Late to the thread, but loving the Spring pics! There’s nothing better than a clear, sunny, and colorful Barcelona. Hope you also enjoyed the culinary offerings : )

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