July Goodbye

When I saw my parents off with a heavyhearted farewell at Barajas, I knew that it was just the beginning in a string of goodbyes.

Goodbye, teachers who will not be at my school next year

‘Sta luego, Madrid-exploring friends

Arrivederci, roomie

I’ll miss you, dinner party pals

Goodbye, knitting buddies

Ciao for now, Jorge y Kenia

TTYL, Gaztambide gals

Hasta la pr├│xima, travel buddy

This pic is self explanatory, but I’ll say it again:

I will miss you all!

Thank you for 10 fantastic months.

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  1. Awww this is adorable! I miss you too!!

  2. Christina

    awwww! you’re such a sweetie. miss you soo much!

  3. It makes me sad for you just to view this post…. ­čÖü

    Love, Mot

    • Cassandra

      This was the day I emptied a ton ‘o numbers from my phone…. ­čÖü

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