Graduation ’12

Yesterday was my last day at IES Gómez-Moreno. I will go back to the school one more time this week for a proper good-bye, but my two-year position at the school is officially over.

With Amaya, a profesora with whom I had a language exchange last year

I won’t miss: being asked to translate poetry (Nevermore!), ridiculous requests, being asked to explain British holidays and British pronunciation and British this and British that, the dreaded Frisbee in the even-more dreaded hour of PE, smelly preteens in June,  being totally unprepared to work with hearing-impaired and special-need students, and the hours of feeling useless in certain classes.

Posters circling the stairwell

I’ll miss: creative lessons with teachers who believe in more than the ‘ole read-and-regurgitate. I’ll miss the sunny hallways, the green plants and the way the some of the teachers argued over whether I looked like one of the paintings on the second floor. I’ll miss the students who loved practicing English and throwing out hellos when we met in the hallway. I’ll miss how many laughs my American coworkers and I shared during break. I’ll miss the staff members who went out of their way to make me feel welcome in a foreign country.

Alison, Elle and I; as Elle said yesterday, I am “graduating”

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