Remember when I mentioned that Levallois-Peret, our base in Paris, was the neighborhood where Gustave Eiffel had his workshop? To commemorate this very fact, a playful and lush park was planted in his honor. While small in size, the park packs a memorable punch. You’ll find a kaleidoscope of plants, whimsical shrubs, flowerpots stacked to create animals, and other light-hearted flourishes.

The entrance to the park

This car did not pay attention to the “No Vehicles” sign

Some of the gorgeous flowers

Eiffel-related paintings on the neighboring buildings

This mural reminds that Eiffel was first famous for his bridges

Ready to pounce

This colorful playground had raised dots to imitate the round bodies of the animal world

Bug made from flower pots

Posing in front of a structure made from twigs

Swan song

Photo op!

L’Hotel des Insectes

Which was your favorite element in the park?