Whenever I need to clear my head, I go for a walk. My stead-fast walking companion is my camera, as I always have photo-regret when I decide not to bring it. Here are some pictures–holiday-related and not–from this weekend, including a walk I took yesterday. I  must confess that I actually didn’t take that many photos, as it was spitting rain. Yet, some of the best, bluest skies appeared after the drizzle abated.

Medieval Festival with food and craft vendors in Plaza de la Luna

Plaza de Dos de Mayo, as seen on the Thirty-first of October

Ole’ Jack, as seen through the window of a bakery

The bags of this weekend’s IKEA outing would make great trick-or-treat receptacles…

Building in Lavapies

Funky building off of C/ San Bernardo

Is it Halloween or just my neighborhood?