Hanging out in Cuenca

The Plaza Mayor

Kaley asked me, “Is there anything to see in Cuenca besides las casas colgadas?”

The short answer: yes, there are a few more things you can do. Soaking up sun on the main square, for example, is ideal for people-watching and cathedral-gazing. There is a smattering of museums and collections (Science! Roman ruins! Semana Santa!) on which I am no expert. I’d recommend the Spanish Abstract Art Museum to any visitor, since it’s your ticket not only to art but also the belly of these strange structures.

Another site is the castle, or what remains of it:

18th-century remnants

From the top of the castle you can take in sweeping views of  the town as well as the dry landscape so characteristic of Castilla-La Mancha:

Part of the fun of a Cuenca trip is simply to wander around, checking out the various vistas and making bets on just how much insurance must be for those houses you saw at the beginning of the day. With narrow, sloping streets and sudden drops, the town is made for exploring. Las casas may be the star attraction, but there’s plenty to see when hanging out in Cuenca.