How to celebrate Valentine’s Day in a foreign land, Part II

Rules for 2012:

1) Trace a million paper hearts. Or 48, take your pick.

    (OPTIONAL: daydream of having access to a die-cut machine.)

2) Distribute aforementioned shapes to students.

3) Giggle at the wisdom of 14-year-olds.

4) Wonder what the heck your own concept of love was at 14.




(See Part I, from 2011)

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  1. Love is like being dead – your students are awesome and so wise beyond their years!

  2. What a spectrum of responses! From kiddish to TMI; from silly to profound!

  3. And I forgot one more – From uplifting to downright depressing!

  4. Um, I died when I read the “love is forever alone”. SO funny. I had a kid today whose gf broke up with him yesterday on Valentine’s Day. Pretty sure he was crying in class today.

  5. Love is making love. Oh, Spanish fourteen-year-olds.


  6. Cassandra

    Yes, there were a huge range of responses! My co-teacher and I tried to dream up a list of things we thought they’d say, but no, we were no where close to covering them all.

    I cracked up at the responses which juxtaposed something sappy with something emo. (I.e. “Love is a sweet. And painful.”)

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