I Spy With My London Eye

After emblematic London, here are some neighborhood shots from four days of wandering.


This area enjoys business brought in by a sprawling food market. After my nose was teased with a gamut of international smells, my eyes drank in graffiti and the everyday life of Londoners trekking, post-lunch, back to the office.

London eye

London eye

Gabriel’s Wharf

I stumbled upon this jumble of colorful boutiques and restaurants while walking the span of South Bank.  Worth a poke around!

Leadenhall Market

Gazing up at the picturesque arcades in Leadenhall Market, it’s easy to understand why they were featured in movies such as Harry Potter and The Imaginarium of Doctor Parnassus.

London eye

London eye

London eye

Regent’s Park

It rained nary a drop during my visit, so Ruth and I took advantage of the mild weather to visit her favorite park. To give you an idea of how much flora abounds here, let me just say that I saw more tulips in this meticulously groomed lawn than I had in Amsterdam.

London eye

London eye

London eye

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  1. Looks like what I experienced of typical London made me miss out on stuff like this. I love these photos!

  2. Cassandra

    Thanks! We both have reasons to return.

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