I’ll now jump back in time to January 4-7, when Riley and I spent 3 days in Porto, Portugal. The day we left, someone prayed for rain.

And rain we got. And also francesinha, a tower of many mysterious meats topped with cheese and a fried egg.

Here is our rain shrine, er, drying rack.

The next day–warm at last! Thank you, port wine.

Inside the cellars, AKA not a clever caption

Red, white, tawny? We learn what’s what.

In the town of Gaia with the Duoro River in the background.

Visiting Livraria Lello, a most decadent bookstore with charm. From what I hear, scenes from Harry Potter were filmed here. Take page from our book and see the store.

A housing jungle emerging from the Duoro.

The city is actually romantic sans rain. It was also quite hilly, which you can slightly get a sense of in this photo.