In Pictures: León, Spain

Did you guess correctly? I was in León! Here are some updated photos of the city.

Modern art in MUSAC…

…as contrasted with Leon’s oldest church.

What is even better than tapas? Tapas lit on fire.

The going trend is to have large flower pots, apparently. They were dotted all over town.

My amiga Bea and I are outfitted as Leonese royalty.

I have yet to have tapas in Madrid that compare to those in León. Here we’ve got patatas con queso.

The Magosto fair at Bea’s cole. This fair centers around chestnuts which the students picked in the forest. There were also traditional musicians playing bagpipes and a drum. (This event is known as the Castanyada in English.)

One of the museum exhibits.

The night is as magical as ever.

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  1. Do we now need to refer to you as “Your Highness”?! The tapas looked quite tasty. Love, Mot 🙂

    • Cassandra

      Only if you can manage it with a straight face. If not, no worries, I still prefer Dot ; )

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