If you are in Madrid and have a penchant for floating bowler hats, visual metaphors, and tangy tongue-in-cheek works of art, you have until February 6th to check out the surreal exhibition currently up at the Fundación Carlos de Amberes in Salamanca (the barrio, not the town). Je suis dada guides visitors through guazy curtains of art boxes, pays homage to Magritte, and includes everything from animal bones to futuristic furniture.

The following are all photos from Patri, as I had forgotten my camera en casa.

The first instillation in the wild park of Dadaism is a typical-looking tree with atypical appendages and child-like surroundings. I felt as if I’d fallen into The Nightmare Before Christmas. Did Tim Burton have a hand in this?

The adjoining room held a forest of displays flanked by gauzy curtains. Pulling aside the fabric revealed pieces from multiple designers which melded together to form something cohesive (if not understandable).

A lamp made of shells

The same shell-lamp, as reflected from the bottom of the piece

A showcase ran through the middle of the exhibition floor, displaying sarcastic product designs, organic jewelry, and fantastical household items. Lovey-dovey spoons? A cage for sugar? How had our apartment ever survived without such inventions?

The third room, with a shower head, coat rack, and chairs, could have been an eccentric’s parlor. My favorite in this collection was “bullsit,” a stool made of a bull’s head which morphed into a shoe.

*Tip: Plan your visit for a Tuesday, when the museum is free. Otherwise, that’s 3 euros less in the tapas fund.