Time to gush.

I adored Copenhagen, or København, as it appears on local maps. The city instantly won me over with its warm people, inviting canals, vibrant counterculture, and delish pastries (they are Danish, after all).

This poppy-seeded twist was my favorite pastry of the trip

The main complaint I had dealt involves the public transportation. Our trip coincided with metro maintenance, stretching the 30-minute jaunt to our lodgings into a two-hour affair.

But back to the gushing. Copenhagen, I miss you already. I miss pulling out my map and having a friendly local lend us their native compass. I miss the ferocious bicyclists who turned walking into a spectator sport.

Large cities seldom feel intimate, but Copenhagen comes closer than most.

The counterculture in Christiania

Residential patio near the city center

One last canal shot

Boats or bicycles, take your pick

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  1. Angelica

    boats, definitely boats
    seriously…STOP GOING PLACES! 😉

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