L-town shopping for any budget

For your convenience, I’ve sorted the London shopping scene into the following three categories:

  • Cash-is-burning-a-hole-in-my-(designer)-pocket
  • Willing-to-fork-over-moolah-if-the-souvenir-is-right
  • Spent-my-last-cent-on-that-EasyJet-ticket


Fancy playing chess on a £2,500.00 chess set? Wanna try on swimwear for £675.00, see a £525.00 lighter, or wonder what 10-year-old gets to sport a jacket which costs more than my monthly rent in Madrid? Make yourself sick at the thought of so much luxury–get thee to Harrods.

With our powers combined…

Can I touch that?

Vespa = wasp in Italian


Temporarily scratch everything I said about Harrods. Turn back and grab some loose-leaf tea or bulk coffee, possibly the only items you can fathom actually touching without fear of bankruptcy in this mother of all department stores.

Fancy a brew?

If Harrods isn’t your cup of tea, head to Camden Market. Besides typical souvenirs of mini phone-booths and double-decker buses, you’ll find alternative clothes, outlandish accessories, and–bonus!–plenty of people-watching.

Scores of shoppers can point you toward Camden


Regent’s Park photo shoot

For the truly broke, head to any park and shoot a zillion photos. Other than the camera and your friend’s patience, it costs zilch!


Additionally, hit up Sainsbury’s, Tesco, or any other British supermarket and buy typical goods there. Then, finish window-shopping and smile at the thought of saved pocket-change going to your next English adventure.

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  1. Laughed at the pictures! Just around the corner is Liberty, which has lovely things for crafters.

    Just curious, where did you stay? Audrey S and I are doing the Tough Mudder next month and are trying to find a place. Thanks, dear!

  2. Cassandra

    Ohhh, wish I’d known about Liberty!!

    Tough-Mudding, you say?! VAYA. I actually stayed with a friend so I have no hostel recs. Hit up Miss Solarte, though, she was also in London and may have a suggestion up her sleeve.

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