La Pedriza

A favorite vista while hiking La Pedriza

For the fifth day of their trip, we escaped from the busy capital to explore La Pedriza, a mountain range slinking around the northwest corner of Madrid. We went hiking with Javi and Amaya, the couple who would be lending us their Parisian apartment the very next day. Although I am just shy of having lived in Madrid for three years, I had never been to the mountain range, either. It was a treat to set forth on this upward adventures after spending so much time in the city.

Boulders along the path

La Pedriza gets its name from the rocky boulders that dot the landscape and comprise the mountains. Many of the cliffs and bigger rock formations are known by specific names such as “El Yelmo” (The Helmet), “El Ventisquero” (The Snowdrift), and “Las Ranas” (The Frogs). Amaya made sure to point out the crag “La Maliciousa” (The Malicious Woman).

The Manzanares River, the same body of water we’d flown over in Monday’s cable car, ran through the park. It was by one of these shady areas with a water-side view where we camped for lunch.

Amaya and Javi, hiking buddies and La Pedriza hosts

Before embarking on the hike, we had a picnic along the river. There were olives, bread, cheese, cold cuts (jamón and salchichón), salad, melon, locally-made potato chips, and tortilla de patatas fresh from Amaya’s kitchen.

Food just tastes better in the great outdoors, don’t ya think?

Paths were clearly marked along the way; this one carried us to the “Charca Verde” (Green Pool)

Can you hear the birds chirping? We saw (and heard) a several animals and insects

A few bridges could be found toward the base of the mountain


Trees, trees, lovely trees!

City folks? Naaaah.

At times we ran into other trekkers, but most of the people we saw were families picnicing or swimming in the larger pools of water. For most of the walk it was simply the four of us. We gazed up at these rock formations and climbed forward, eager to see what was around the next bend.

Greetings from La Pedriza!

Have you ever been to La Pedriza? Which path did you take? What would you recommend for another visit?

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  1. Never been there, but La Pedriza looks like a cool spot on a hot summer day!

  2. Cassandra

    It definitely was! There was also a pool we stuck our feet in–it was too cold to get in all the way!

  3. Wouldn’t it be the five of us? 😉 It looks like a lot of fun, and I’d like to go there sometime!

  4. Love la Pedriza. Not sure if you are aware of it but there is a group called “Hiking in the Community of Madrid” and they do organized hikes in the fall/spring when it isn’t too hot. I did several of them and loved every single one of them!

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