I exited the Banco de España metro stop and was immediately met with a rush of people. A blockade kept the aforementioned mass contained.

Why was it so important to keep us ruffians off the streets?

La Vuelta, that’s why!

The race ended today in Madrid.

The Vuelta, short for La Vuelta a España, is to my adopted home what the Tour de France is to France.

There were plenty of other photo-takers.

Waiting for the peloton (the main group of cyclists).

Photographic evidence of my attendance.

Kara is also in attendance.

Fan merchandise. These plastic objects came from a van which was blaring obnoxious music. Nothing like a crowd to get people to spend money.

I waited by the Plaza de Cibeles, near the Paseo del Prado

Plenty ‘o security

The first athlete to appear.

Hey there / Let’s cheer

The peloton charging the opposite side of the street.

Security, security, security. Ciao, tifosi!