Lisps and Lists

I am either becoming a pack rat or a collector of lists. I find them in my backpack, crumpled in pockets, tucked within the pages of my current bedside book. Materials from Kleenex to cardboard order my thoughts. The scribbles contain teaching ideas, grocery lists, and chores. Mostly, though, they are an endless parade of the new words I encounter.

The column format easily jogs my memory as to which situation I learned the word in. For example, “chuleta” (cheat-sheet) by itself doesn’t mean as much by itself as it does whenever I see its neighbor, “copiota” (copier) and remember the heated debate between two of my students.  Kara and I have plans to construct a Word Wall, where we share new vocabulary. So far we have a general catch-all for word(s)-of-the-week:

Can you guess what experience the list below, dated 12-10-10, came from?

Laúd (lute)

Tamborilero (drummer)

Charca (pond)

Manojo de espárragos (bunch of asparagus)

Regazo (lap)

Hipódromo (race track)

Peltre (pewter)

Meandro (turn, as in the turn in a river)

Pradera (prarie)

Gallinero (henhouse)

Leave your ideas below. The answer comes the next time I blog!

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  1. Beatriz Portugues

    No idea!!De primeras diría que algo relacionado con la Navidad, pero los espárragos y el hipódromo me rompen los esquemas, ¡¡Que bien que ya tienes internet!!

  2. Purexplorer

    I suspect that the clues are leading to something about Greece or Ancient Greece, hence the chariot or horse races in the hippodrome and the lute, drummer and the asparagus (which I believe is of Greek origin) might have a connection. Lap might relate to the course around the track, but the others…whew…I haven’t a clue. Let’s see… Laura Ingles Wilder (prairie, hen-house, and pond) went to Greece back in the day and you are going to take an excursion to the country that retraces her steps, but your travel guidebook was in Spanish?

  3. Purexplorer

    By the way, I failed to mention the association of meandro, Meandros is a river in Greece…and is also where we get the English word meander. I guess Spanish borrowed the word too. As you see my brain is meandering all over this topic.

  4. My guess… a trip to an art museum.

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