Merry Mérida

With snow in today’s Madrid forecast, it’s difficult to remember the warm weather that greeted us upon our arrival in Extremadura. A mere week ago I was strolling around Mérida with three gal pals, exploring the oldest parts of the city. We toured Mérida on foot, vising the Temple of Diana, the Roman bridge, one of the aqueducts, the Circo Romano, and the majestic amphitheater.

Along the way we discovered that Mérida is a terrific city for enjoying the open air–just what we needed on our city break. Additionally, our encounters with the people left us appreciative of  their cheery, helpful disposition. We joked that, in the event of car trouble, we had only to ask and an amiable local would ferry us to the next stop.

Temple of Diana 

Puente Romano (Roman Bridge)

The old Roman bridge was in direct juxtaposition with a modern bridge by architect hot-shot Calatrava

Three cheers for bridges!

Another shot of the old(er) bridge

Hidden graffiti

Walking along the water

More ruins

Trees, street lamps, and benches lined the waterfront path

Old meets new: this picture shows how the construction of the train tracks interrupts the path of the old aqueduct

Playing in the aqueduct

Around 1 p.m. we made it to the Circo Romano, or Roman Circus. The museum guide was extremely nice, giving us not only a discount but a book about the city as well.

Circo Romano (Roman Circus)

Flowers at the entrance to the amphitheater

For the end of the tour we’d saved the best for last–the amphitheater! It was so impressive that it deserves its own post. Check back later to see the gorgeous interior of the amphitheater, learn about gladiators, and hear about our run-in with Cupid!

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  1. Merida is a cute little city. I’ve been there twice. I really enjoyed visiting Extremadura. It’s kind of the forgotten region of Spain and to be fair there isn’t a whole lot for tourists to see. However that means almost zero tourists (apart from native Spaniards) go there. My two friends and I were the only English speaking people around for the three days I visited last year.

  2. Cassandra

    Glad to hear you had a good experience in the region!

    On our visit to the amphitheater we ran into a huge group of tourists on a bus that read “GLAM TOUR.” Ha! It makes me wonder how people hear about this area, as it doesn’t seem to be very well-known outside of Spain.

  3. My friend’s fiance is from Merida…so many great memories there on Calle John Lennon!

  4. Cassandra

    Calle John Lennon?? How did we miss that?!

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