Milano and Torino and 244 photos

I will spare you all 244. But, know that this weekend was spent soaking up new adventures in Northern Italy. To take advantage of our puente (long weekend), Kara and I spent two nights each in Milano and Torino. Each city was distinctive. Here’s a taste of what we saw:

Murazzi, an area that stretches between two bridges in Torino

Pizza with grilled veggies, salami, and mozzarella

Kara and I in front of Castello Sforeszco, Milano

Inside the castello

Milan’s duomo (cathedral)

Cin cin! Sipping red and white wine under the stars in Milano

These high-fashion arcades in Milano house names such as Prada

In Torino we stumbled upon a string of food vendors, set up for a two-day local food fair.

We tried samples of sweets, cheese, fried potato balls, and pine tree liquor. I’m holding mulled wine.

Torino loves arcades, as well

Croissants and bicerin, the local drink of Torino. It’s a bubbly mix of chocolate, hot espresso, and cream.

The bathroom at the cafe where we had bicerin.

Produce carvings were also part of the food festival

Flowers for sale at Porta Palazzo, supposedly one of Europe’s largest outdoor markets.

Kara and I at Peck, an upscale food and drink shop in Milan. Photos aren’t usually allowed, but we made friends with one of the staffers and he took our photo. Such luck was characteristic of our trip. Ciao for now!

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  1. Kay Maize

    Love the pictures Cassandra. Glad you had a great time. Will watch for more pictures from you and Kara.

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