Monastery Tour

Once upon a time, there was a hilltop monastery….

Before we begin the tour, this video is required viewing to learn about the resident ghost of the Uclés monastery.

(According to Rocío, I should be safe, right?)

You’re entering a tourist site–look out for people with audio guides curled around their ears

The front door, which I actually had a key to at one point!

Notice that balcony up there?

That’s our staff room, where I spent my waking hours editing photos and wrangling internet

From time to time I’d pop out to the balcony, which yielded this view

Once duty even called me to the bell tower, which is locked away from tourist eyes

Back downstairs, you can peer into the chapel from the second floor

Looking down into the chapel, the most silent room in the building

The courtyard has tiny, individual balconies all the way around the second level

Sunlight streams through the windows from the courtyard

These signs point the way to class

The classrooms were topped with religious touches

On the third floor you’ll find our bunkbed bedroom, which we turned into…

…a fort!

View of the town from our bedroom window

…and this is what you see if you turn left

Down the hall you’ll find the bathroom, complete with mood lighting

Two weeks later, I was still finding details; this little guy was sunning in the cafeteria window.

Each evening the sunset lit up the façade

Finally, here’s one way to enter the grounds–or leave, if the ghost is chasing you.

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  1. Well done! I want to show this to my fam so they can see it all! I didn’t have the patience to take all the pictures you did…I guess that’s why you were the blogger!

    • Cassandra

      Thanks! Feel free to send along the link : )
      I noticed that you already put up an entry today–we can call you Speedy Gonza-Liz!!

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