SPOILER ALERT: If you are a friend or family member, and there is a chance that our paths will cross over the Christmas holiday, please swing your eyes to the right side of the screen and proceed to the next entry. This is for your own good. Thank you.

If I will not see you over the winter holidays, feel free to vote for your fav souvenir.


With a camera phone, there is no stopping this investigative journalist! In today’s undercover story, Cassandra and Rachel give an overview of the souvenirs that you, too, can gift your loved ones to say “My wallet was thinking of you.”

6-Euro air conditioning

T-shirt or apron? Heck, get both for the ultimate in haute couture

Miniature flamenco dancers with poseable arms

See what you have in the fridge without even opening the door!

This little piggy went to Spain

Flamenco-inspired purse large enough to double as a trundle bed

I hoped the online store would shed some light on this character, but the humor is lost on me. See their take on Santa

Transatlantic flight in the near future? Ceramics are the perfect choice.

Finally, just to be fair: Arkansas souvenirs as seen at a store in Eureka Springs