Olympic Spirits

150 days to the Olympic Games

London, preparing for the summer Olympics, has definite symptoms of Olympic Fever. In the above photo, for example, you can see the Olympic countdown faithfully ticking backward in Trafalgar Square.  Everywhere you look there are reminders of this momentous event, which has edged out more recent celebrations such as the latest royal wedding.

Yes, it is certainly the summer games that are on every Brit’s mind. Or, to be more precise, on every marketeer’s agenda. There’s an official everything, from official chocolate to official shops to official water.

While I feel very far removed from the people and events that will visit the city this summer, a temporary exhibit at the British Museum brought me a bit closer to the action. If you visit the museum these days, you can see four medals which will be given to gold-worthy athletes. An adjoining case displays previous medals, the oldest dating back to the 19th century.

Medals for the Olympic and Paralympic Games

If you get the opportunity to visit London, keep in mind that the antique medals (not shown here) will be on display until September 9, 2012.

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  1. Yayyyy Olympics! I am so excited. They had that countdown going when I was there (2011), and I’m so happy they’re almost here!

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