After I posted some photos of Palma to facebookbook, my friend Angelica demanded, “my dear you got some xplainin’ to do!

This is me for the month of July–a camera tugging at my neck and SPF 30 slathered underneath.

The story of how I arrived in Mallorca actually dates back to December, when I was first starting looking for a summer job. I wanted to stay in Spain, but how? I sent off several letters, filled in different applications, and eventually snagged a job interview. It was during the already busy Semana Santa frenzy when I ducked into an internet cafe with Cindy to find a wonderful question in my inbox: would I like to blog for an English summer camp on the island of Mallorca?

My job in Madrid finished on June 30 and I arrived in Palma on July 1. It was there that I met the 14 energetic English teachers and the basketball coach, who is my roommate. My coworkers come from the US, England, and Australia. They have worked on a tilapia farm in Louisiana, volunteered in Uganda, and taught English in León. They’ve lived in New Zealand, Japan, and Palestine. They keep me laughing with stories of their adventures and their time in the classroom.

We live on-site, which is a fancy way of saying that we eat, breathe, and echar la siesta in a space that smells like college. We sleep on bunk beds and take our lunch in shifts with 200 campers. We may live among these critters. Spanish and English pop songs never stop pounding through the stereo on the first floor terrace, which, as it just so happens, is right across from my room. This morning, for example, the surround sounds of flamenco pried my eyes wide open.

I’m enjoying the chance of pace that this job brings. I love getting to snap photos and take videos inside the classroom. There is always something going on at camp, and the energy of the campers and staff makes for true photo ops. Besides documenting classroom creativity, I’ve gotten the chance to dabble in sports photography. Every day my job is to put up photos, videos, sound clips, and samples of student work. Feel free to follow all of this at the blog’s website, Palma Forenex.

My fav entries from the first fortnight:

Collocations game

The students read thank-you letters aloud

Pics to go along with the letters

Exercise on speed dating

Photographing the talent show

The second fortnight just began on Saturday. New kids, new lesson plans, new entries, new adventures. 15 more days of Palma-dise!