One Recommendation

School is finally out! That means plenty of time to catch up on all those things I put off during the year, such as:

– deleting duplicates of photos / organizing my computer docs

– catching up on e-mails

– showering

Actually, scratch all of that. Summer always finds me making my way through a stack of books. I’ve recently acquired  The Museum of Innocence (Orhan Pamuk), Cazadora de Astros (Zoé  Valdés), and The Basque History of the World (Mark Kurlansky), so who am I kidding by making to-do lists?

If you’re looking for a quick, summery thriller, those of you in Spain can pick up a copy of Carme Riera’s El Verano del inglés. It gives you ideas for what to do if, by some chance, a batty woman locks you in her houses and forces you to learn a second language. (Hey, don’t we language teachers do that to our students every day?)

“- Mire, Laura – dijo – , ahora que está usted aquí, encerrada odiándome, he pensado que es un buen momento para enseñarle tacos, los peores tacos ingleses. Son útiles, ya lo creo, relajan. Tacos, blasfemias, palabrotas y oraciones para que rece pidiéndo ayuda a Dios. En su situación es lo adecuado.”

–          Page 123


What’s on your summer reading list?