Murals in Oropesa

Oropesa, a tiny town we visited on the way to Extremadura, is actually tucked into Castilla-La Mancha. The castle of this fairy-tale village can be seen from the highway, and is just as charming when you get up close. The name, “Gold weighs” or “Weigh gold,” dates back to a legend about a damsel in distress; the town supposedly┬áhad to pay the maiden’s weight in gold to get her back from her captors (the Moors).

All around the town we saw colorful characters dancing along the walls. The artwork was scattered all over the city and seemed to follow a magical vein. They told stories of brave knights, fair maidens, fire-breathing dragons, bards, and religious crusaders. One whimsical wall held a poem, while another served as a local map.

The picture above had been designed by students at a local elementary school

From the mouth of babes!


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  1. I visited Extremadura too while I was in Spain, but I didn’t stop at this place. The murals on the walls are a cool way to complement the town’s history. I love public art! And while I’m no art critic, some of the art looks like it was drawn by a bunch of schoolchildren! (And not just the one actually drawn by elementary school students!) Especially the first mural with the dragon, that one definitely made me laugh out loud!

  2. Cassandra

    Yep, most of them had a very innocent look!

  3. I love all of those murals! What an interesting story about paying someone’s weight in gold too!

  4. Cassandra

    Kristen, you would definitely have loved it! We didn’t even explore the whole village and I’m sure there were more murals just waiting to be found ­čśë

  5. ohh this looks cool! im a sucker for street art but this is street art with a difference!

  6. Really amazing photos. These murals and castles of Oropesa are quite something.

  7. What interesting paintings! The last one with the dragon made me smile. I like the story about ‘weight in gold’ too.

  8. Cassandra

    @Shalu – Thank you!

    @Jessica – Isn┬┤t it cute? We were trying to decide how this art was done–we finally decided that, even though children had drawn up the idea, adults had painted the final work.

  9. I`ve heard of the legend about paying the Moors her weight in gold but can`t remember when and where,the murals are wonderful,i`m getting into street art,although no expert.

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