Packing by the numbers

Books that made the cut: 4

Mini bottles of olive oil: 10

Lucky grapes: 12

Pairs of contacts: 16

Glass bottles swathed in newspaper, plastic wrap, a T-shirt, a plastic bag, and then stuffed into a gallon-sized Ziploc: 4

Yeah, Customs, that is totally olive oil. See, I even labeled it for ya.

Ziplocks sacrificed to the traveling cause: 10 and counting

Items of Utmost Importance: ZILCH! Those go in the backpack, silly

Total weight allowed: 50 pounds/23 kilos

Last weigh-in: 44 pounds/20ish kilos

Days left: 4


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  1. When I saw your tweet about this, I rushed to my computer to see how you were packing. I feel so lost!!! Who knew it would be so difficult to pack for just two weeks??

  2. Cassandra

    I concur! I based my packing on two questions:
    1) What should I bring back as gifts?
    2) What the heck do I have in my Arkansan closet as far as winter clothes go?!

  3. You know I have sweaters and coats here that you can use!! Plus, there is always ‘Yours Truly’ consignment shop to pick out new (to you) things!

    Love, Mot 🙂

  4. Why 16 pairs of contacts!? Otherwise I had a similar suitcase lol.

  5. Cassandra

    Lauren, I use dailies! It’s a hassle for traveling, but I prefer ’em to glasses.

  6. please stop sacrificing ziplock bags like that. now you must bring 2 extra boxes back with you!
    weight of my suitcase home: 21 kilos…. return weight: 22.8

    totally brought more back with me.

    oh right, and i smuggled jamon…. now im on red alert next time from telling you this via internet lol

    • Cassandra

      Never fear, I was gifted Ziplocks for Christmas so I’ll still lock in the fun.

      I saw you guys hamming it up in that photo! Contraband, indeed 🙂

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