The two main characters of this story in Palma’s Plaça d’Espanya

Update: I’m back in Madrid  and finally have a chance to catch my breath after a month blogging at camp. Since I churned out WordPress entries left and right in July, blogging was also the last thing I wanted to do on my vacation. Now, having rested for a week, I’m back with pleny of ganas to document the rest of my Mallorcan month.

On my few hurried solo trips to the city, I took mental notes such as, “I have to remember this view” and “We should walk here” and, “Ohhh, Andres would like the architecture of this building.” Each day in Mallorca I counted down the days to Andres’ visit. We had hoped he could visit since I’d be away for a month, and a trip made sense since his birthday falls neatly in the middle of July.

Our bad luck in Toulouse made me wonder if he would actually make it, but arrive he did. Late Saturday afternoon we took advantage of the rest of the daylight, walking around the historic center of the city and documenting the walk as much as possible.

We visited some of my favorite Palma views, like this one from the top of the Es Baluard art gallery.

Of course we saw the cathedral, and all of the colorful characters surrounding it: German speakers, British holidaymakers, Spanish imports from the peninsula, as well as carriage drivers, wedding parties, and street performers.

We craned our necks back to take in the cathedral.

Later we paused to photograph misunderstood signs.

It was a good thing he visited when he did–a week later and we would have run into sky-high prices due to the Copa del Rey, a royal regatta. Starting the following weekend, the metro no longer ran on Sunday, which would have made getting back to campus a royal pain. But we didn’t have to deal with that.

Instead, our stellar Saturday was followed up with a leisurely Sunday. It started off with cappuccino and pastries.

We also went to the beach. More on that later…