This summer I have a desk, and this is the view from it:

It’s particularly fitting that the book I recommended for summer reading was by Carmen Riera, as she hails from Mallorca. Palma de Mallorca, the capital of the island, just happens to be my home for the month of July. My weekly WordPress updates have been transferred to another lovely blog, that of an English summer camp. I was at this same camp last year, so references to the island may be familiar to you.

A few things have changed this year. In fact, quite a lot has changed. For starters, I have a desk.

My work space

Some details remain the same. The college campus we’re on has the same walking trails, which I like to visit after the day’s work is published. They have the same bright red dirt that clings to my sneakers, the same rocks that threaten to twist my ankles, the same weeds that grow waist-high, and the same snails that cling to everything green.

A stroll around campus

The snails are still hanging around

I’ll be busy toting my camera to English class, but check back soon to see more of my Mallorcan adventures.